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Managing your merchant processing accounts as we would our own.

Merchant Services

At Chesapeake Payment Systems, we believe our partnerships succeed not just because of the payment solutions we provide, but also because of our dedication to serving your customers as if they were our own while delivering the support, training, and education you need. 

Why partner with Chesapeake Payment Systems?

  • No hidden processing fees, ever. 
  • You’ll have direct access to us and our service team. 
  • Over 30 years of experience handling payment processing, for merchant customers big and small. 
  • Over 20 years of sponsoring sales organizations, payment facilitators, partnerships with other banks, and software vendors. 
  • Robust training and support for you and your customers at every stage of processing payments. 

Programs for our Agent Bank Partners

Referral Model Program 

When your bank refers business opportunities to Chesapeake Payment Systems for underwriting and acceptance into the merchant services program, you will receive up to 50% share of net profit income. Plus, your bank has no obligation to service the merchant processing account. 

Agent Bank Partnership Program 

Under this program, your bank would work more closely with your merchants regarding boarding and activation. You would be responsible for first-level sales, installation, and service of merchants associated with the portfolio, and your bank would receive up to 80% share of net profit income. 

Customized Programs  

Chesapeake Payment Systems provides customized programs to suit the specific needs of each bank partner. This can include sponsorship for membership to card brands like Visa, Mastercard, and Discover and designation to market independently, with your bank receiving up to 90% of share of net profit income. 

Service and Support

We will work closely with you from the start to understand both your needs and those of your customers, and help you find the program that is most manageable and works best for your institution. To help, we offer training and support that includes initial virtual training at no cost, continuing merchant services education based on partner’s needs, onsite training at cost, and continuous acquiring industry-specific consultive training at cost.

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