Our website is getting a new look and a new (more secure) address


Out with the old (.com) and in with the new (.bank) because it’s more secure.

Effective 8/30/23 Chesapeake Bank’s web address changed from to Here’s why:

Created and managed by security experts, fTLD Registry Services built the .bank domain for banks to provide a more secure and trustworthy way to do business, in response to the rising trend of fraud and cybercrime. 

In order for a bank to use the .bank domain, they must first:

How .bank Helps You.

Beyond the URL (address)…Cleaner look and enhanced functionality

Changing the domain of our site, brought the perfect opportunity to deliver a fresh look and better experience for our customers. You’ll find:

Note: Email Address Change TBD

With this change, our email addresses will also change to one ending in However, that change is not yet taking place and our old email addresses will still work when the new one is created. 

Got Questions? We’re Here.

You may appreciate our FAQ or visiting to learn more about this important change.

If you still have questions, contact your favorite branch or our Solution Center at 877-436-9032

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